How Does Solar Work?

For no up-front cost, solar panels will be installed on your home or business.  Once the panels start producing electricity, the electric utility company will buy your solar power at the current market rate, issuing you credits for every unit of power produced.  If a solar energy system produces electricity equal to the home’s consumption, then the result will be a $0 monthly electric cost.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

The cost of a solar system depends on the system size needed, the type of solar panels (and other equipment) used, the complexitiy of installation, available incentives, and whether the customer chooses to buy or finance the system.  In general, once these questions are answered, a financed or bought system will yield a monthly electricity savings of approximately 20-40%.

Go Solar in 3 Easy Steps

Solar Consultation

It starts with speaking with our experts who'll explain it all. We'll provide accurate estimates and a custom tailored solar plan that's perfect for you. No gimmicks or climbing on your roof.

Solar Installation

Sit back, relax, and leave all of the preparing of paperwork, inspections, and permits to us, while we streamline your custom solar panel installation from start to finish.

Solar Savings

Watch the savings come shining in. Monitor your systems production panel by panel with the solar monitoring app from your desktop or mobile phone. Anywhere...anytime.

Top Rated Local San Antonio Solar Panel Company

Veteran Owned - San Antonio Solar Energy Company - Over 15 Years Experience

Tejas Solar is a diversified solar company offering solar energy and battery backup services, featuring Zero down and financing options.  Our solar designs and installations are done in-house by our engineers, licensed electricians, and certified installers, and each comes with their own industry-leading warranty as proof of our confidence in our services and products.

We want to help you eliminate and reverse your electric bill and make Texas a cleaner place to live, work, and enjoy life.

We've provided renewable energy solutions throughout Texas for 15 years

When it comes to taking care of your solar needs, We have the best speed to install in the industry. We treat you like family and at the end of the day, we are all just one huge Texas community trying to save and protect our ecosystem. Going green is a combined effort and we are happy to serve you with your solar needs. Plus you deal directly with the installer.
Zero Down, No Net Cost
$3000 CPS Rebate
Extra $1000 Credit for Veterans, First Responders and Their Families
26% Federal Tax Credit
25 Year Warranty
No High Pressure Sales People

Eliminate and Reverse Your electric Bill with a Solar Panel System

Tejas Solar is the premier solar panel system provider serving the state of Texas since 2006. We use the latest and greatest technology at the lowest cost. Our state-of-the art technology predominates the solar industry in terms of safety and reliability, providing home and business owners the with piece of mind and support throughout and after the purchase of their system. Our Customer Expectation Team provides constant communication and updates throughout the entire process.

Reduce electric spending, all while bettering the environment and improving your overall home comfort!

Why go solar?

Are you looking for a cleaner and greener way to power up your home or business? Well, you are in luck. Tejas Solar is here to help!
cost to install solar panels in Texas

Save on Electric Bill

It's easy to reduce or even eliminate your power bill. Solar panels combined with Smart Energy Storage from Tejas Solar is the perfect solution for your house.

Increase Home Value

Texas homes with Solar systems sell fast and at a better price. Solar panels add value to your home.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Residential solar panel systems can provide the energy needs of an entire house with around 80% lower carbon emissions than other energy sources.

Create Energy Independence

Create Energy Independence

The technology to unleash the power of the sun is now available for you to run your home. You can provide unlimited power to your home with solar energy - there is no shortage of solar energy.

Go Solar Faster Than Ever Before

Saving the Planet.... One Solar Panel at a Time

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