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Achieve your organization’s energy and sustainability goals while also earning a powerful return on investment with commercial solar solutions fromTejas Solar.

Many business owners are surprised to find how many companies of all sizes, as well as government buildings, have already made the decision to use solar power. Tejas Solar panels have been installed at a number of well-known retailers, school districts, and other government buildings throughout Texas. If you own a commercial building, you are a candidate for a solar system.

Each company’s business case for solar will depend upon the factors that are most important to the organization. The extent to which the case will need to be accepted, and by whom, depends on the decision making framework. Typically, businesses are looking for the largest return on investment (ROI) and time to savings as well as their desire to become a green business. The fact that solar reduces operating costs, putting businesses in a position to reinvest that savings, is a driving factor.

Other Benefits of Solar

Studies show that consumers are more willing to take their business to sustainably-minded and socially responsible businesses. With solar and energy storage, your company will stand out as a green business while you also reduce your operations cost, increase property value, and receive a quick return on investment.

With a custom designed solar panel system, we strive to eliminate your monthly electricity expense. When you factor in federal tax credits and potential local utility rebates, the financed cost of a solar system can often approximate your previous monthly electricity expense, and once you have paid for the system completely, you are net positive.

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